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Bali days 

Bali days 

5 Keyfacts About Hugs


1) Hugging increases oxytocin in the body that reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

2) Hugging can stimulate the brain to release dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

3) Hugs can reveal different levels of affection. A woman will tend to press her whole body against the person she cares most about.

4) Hugs can cure depression, loneliness, and increases security, trust and self-esteem.  

5) Hugs are free.

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Anonymous said: are you on kauai??weird

no but I go there because I have friends there. why would it be weird?

☼Porcelain found by sunken spanish galleons off the coast of paradise ☼

☼Porcelain found by sunken spanish galleons off the coast of paradise ☼

Anonymous said: how many swimsuits do you have and do you think you've spent over 1000 on them all? also have you ever been to queens bath?

I have a lot of swim suits and if you include my swim practice suits then yes I have spent more than $1000 on them. 
Yes, I have. I jumped in when it was rough and almost died like an idiot. 

Anonymous said: what grade are you in? do you ever feel self conscious. it seems like everyone there is super skinny i don't get it. do you think it matters to have boobs?

I just graduated so I’m gonna be a freshman in college. I don’t really get self conscious unless I’m really embarrassed about something. 
haha I actually asked my guy friend about that last night.. he said boobs are like sprinkles on ice-cream.. not necessary but appreciated. 

Anonymous said: is everything about being skinny there? how do u wear a thong bikini if you dont have a nice ass? and how much are acacia swimsuits. everyone seems to have them. sorry for asking so much

haha no not everything is about being skinny. Its pretty normal, there are all types of people here. 
We call them brazilian bikinis because they’re a tad bigger than thongs are. Pretty much if you’re confident wearing a brazilian then you can pull it off. Acacias cost around a $100 for one piece, so a whole swim suit (top and bottom) would cost around $200
and no problem :) ask away! 

Anonymous said: what camera do you use for your underwater pictures? or just in general what cameras do you have your pictures are fantastic

For my underwater ones I either used my lifeproof case for my iphone, my Cannon g12 with an underwater case, or my GoPro. But I also have a Nikon D90 that I use when I’m not shooting underwater :)!

Anonymous said: where'd you get that blue dress from? and how do you stay so skiiny. and do you know maddy gregor?

The blue dress is from Pacsun. 
I’m a swimmer haha so thats pretty much how I stay skinny and I dont think I know her.. but I’m really horrible with names.